Hagar Flees from Sarai, Sits by a Spring, is Visited by a Messenger from God
The Men of Sodom Try to Assault Lot and his Visitors; the Visitors Strike the Men with Blinding Light
Scenes from the Jacob Story, Part 1: Jacob and Esau Fighting in the Womb; Esau Trading his Birthright to Jacob for Stew
Scenes from the Jacob Story, Part 2: Jacob impersonates his brother Esau to trick his blind father into giving him Esau's rightful blessing. Then he flees and sleeps outside where he has a dream vision of national destiny. He places and anoints a stone where that took place. He goes to Haran and pushes off the stone lid of a well to water the flock of Rachel, who will become his second wife after his father in law Laban first tricks him into marrying his older daughter Leah. After many years of trickery from Laban and servitude to him, Jacob swindles him out of the most potent goats with a scheme that involves placing spotted rods into a trough.
Scenes from the Jacob Story, Part 3: Jacob and family flee Laban, setting out for Gilead. Laban catches up to them and searches the tents for his stolen household gods, which Rachel conceals by sitting on them. Jacob crosses the Jabbok ford with his family, then he is left alone and a man wrestles with him all night, injures his hip, and declares Jacob's new name to be Israel because he did not succumb to his wrestling mate. Jacob limps on and has a tearful reunion with Esau.
Scenes from the Jacob Story, Part 4: further details forthcoming

The first two are 20" by 30". The next two are 30" by 40". The last two are bigger, up to 40" by 52". Mostly colored pencil with some oil pastel.